The website DEZIGNLOVER.COM is created and managed by DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD. DEZIGNLOVER is a company registered in Hong Kong.

2. Terms of use

The website DEZIGNLOVER.COM is intended for personal use only. It can’t be used for commercial use of all or part of the content of DEZIGNLOVER.COM. The elements contained on the sites of the domain DEZIGNLOVER.COM remain the property of the company DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD even once downloaded. We remind you that various information can be accessible on DEZIGNLOVER.COM or through this Site. Therefore, it remains the responsibility of the parents to verify the information that the children consult and if necessary, to limit access to DEZIGNLOVER.COM DEZIGNLOVER.COM may contain links to other sites managed by third parties. DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD declines all responsibility for the content of third party sites and for any physical or moral damage they may cause. The fact of proposing links engenders no obligation to the charge of DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD which does not have any means of control of the third sites. The user guarantees that he will not use DEZIGNLOVER.COM or the Proposed Services for illicit purposes and undertakes to comply with the national and international laws and regulations in force. The user will be solely responsible for the damages that will be caused to DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD or to third parties, due to an improper use of DEZIGNLOVER.COM and the proposed Services. In case of violation by the User of its legal and contractual obligations, DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD reserves the right to take legal action to stop the violation in question and to obtain reparations.

3. Privacy Policy

The confidentiality of your personal information is very important to us, transparency on the use we make of your data is a necessary condition for you to give us your full trust. We remind you that you can access and modify your personal data at any time within the "My Account" section of the DEZIGNLOVER website.

3.1 Personal data collected legitimately or legally in the framework of the service offered by DEZIGNLOVER

The "service offered" by DEZIGNLOVER consists of a commercial website ("e-commerce") dedicated to the sale of objects, lighting and furniture design. As soon as you open a customer account at DEZIGNLOVER, and in order to deliver the proposed service, we will collect in a mandatory and legitimate way:

Civility (M, Ms.)
First name
A line of address
Postal code
Phone number (only for tracking orders and deliveries)
Your email (to identify you and to track orders and deliveries)
The password you have chosen to access the service
We will retain this data until you decide to close your customer account.

However, once you have placed an order with DEZIGNLOVER, in the event of a request to cancel an account, we are still obliged to keep your information for periods ranging from 2 to 10 years depending on the amount of the invoice or the associated guarantees. Moreover, always in order to make the service offered, the DEZIGNLOVER website has the legitimate need to make mandatory traces without prior consent on your browser, so that they are functional: the order basket (offline expiration: 4 hours), the wish list (offline expiration: 4 hours), the session identifier (expiration: 4 hours) securing the order tunnel (expiration: 4 hours)

3.2 Personal data collected with your consent

3.2.1 Newsletters

As part of the DEZIGNLOVER newsletters, we collect with your free, informed, unambiguous and specific consent your email address. This email is collected with the sole purpose of sending newsletters DEZIGNLOVER. You can at any time unsubscribe from DEZIGNLOVER newsletters with the corresponding link at the bottom of the newsletter, or from your customer account if applicable.

3.2.2 Contact form

As part of DEZIGNLOVER, we collect with your free, informed, unambiguous and specific consent your email address. This email is collected with the sole purpose of our relationship. The retention period of this email will depend on the need for your connection. Once this need is gone, we are committed to removing it from our contact form databases.

3.2.3 Traces (cookies) not obligatory

The cookie management banner in the bottom of your browser screen guides you to manage your non-mandatory cookie preferences.

3.3 We are transparent with your personal data

The current regulations allow you to enjoy the following rights: Right of access: to know if we are processing data about you, and if this is the case to access your data. Right of rectification: to keep your data up to date, Right to be forgotten: to be able to erase your data at your request, since we have no more legitimate or legal reasons to hold them. Right to the limitation of the treatments: to be able to suspend the treatments, in case of dispute on the use of the data. Right to portability: to offer you the possibility to recover your data in a structured way, for reuse elsewhere. Right of opposition: to be able to block a treatment if its legitimacy (contractual, legal ...) is questioned, as long as there is no demonstration of this legitimacy. Most of these rights can be exercised within the "My Account" area on the DEZIGNLOVER website. For specific requests regarding these rights, you must contact DEZIGNLOVER customer service.

3.4 Your right of complaint

If the answers provided by DEZIGNLOVER's customer service did not satisfy you, you can file a complaint with your Data Protection Authorities.

4. Exclusion of liability

The User expressly acknowledges that the use of the DEZIGNLOVER.COM site is at his own risk. The site DEZIGNLOVER.COM is provided as is and without any warranty. To the extent required by law, DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD disclaims any warranties of merchantability of DEZIGNLOVER.COM, the satisfaction of the User or his suitability for any particular purpose. The User assumes all risks related to loss of profits, loss of data, errors, loss of commercial information or other resulting from the use of DEZIGNLOVER.COM. In addition, DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD makes no warranty that the information and / or the information accessible through DEZIGNLOVER.COM is accurate, complete or updated, nor that DEZIGNLOVER.COM contains any viruses or elements harmful to the User. The User of DEZIGNLOVER.COM will bear all the costs and risks associated with the use of the Site. DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD cannot be held liable for direct, indirect and / or any other damage resulting from the use or operation of DEZIGNLOVER.COM. In any caseDEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special, accessory or other damage resulting from the use or inability to use DEZIGNLOVER.COM and this even if DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD has been warned of the possibility of such harm.

5. Intellectual property

The site DEZIGNLOVER.COM and all intellectual property rights related to its design, its textual content, graphic, musical, sound, the selection of these elements and their organization belong to DEZIGNLOVER CO., LTD or its various licensors and beneficiaries.

6. Disputes

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in prosecution of the offenders by the Hong Kong Courts.