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Best Selection of Wondrous Lighting Inspired by Nature

On : lundi, août 23, 2021

Best Selection of Wondrous Lighting Inspired by Nature

These awesome modern lamps capture the shapes of branches, blooms, and other natural elements. An everlasting influence in the world of design, this fine selection of nature-inspired lights brings a touch of great outdoors to your interior. Create an oasis of organic beauty with this nature-inspired lighting collection.


When it comes to the design of lighting elements, several artists prefer to make nature their inspiration. Nature not only inspires the structural element of lights, but also their building materials. You may have observed the use of fire and water elements commonly in lighting designs. Air and earth elements are also given different forms, when it comes to such designs. Check out some amazing lighting designs that reflect one or the other element of the Mother Nature. They will act as a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounds you and your home, even when you’re not directly looking at them.


Contemporary chandelier SEA FLOWER by LASVIT


A tribute to Sea Anemones, the Sea Flower design features crystal glass components that rely on RGB LEDs and optic fiber for a truly enchanting illumination.These flowers of the sea suspend themselves from mirrored ovals lined by white light. Each tentacle of the light sculpture is hand-blown and unique from the next. Floating freely in space like an anemone on the ocean’s floor, Sea Flower’s tentacles are gracefully hand-shaped.


Dezign Lover Blog | Best Selection of Wondrous Lighting Inspired by Nature

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Bespoke Lighting Sculpture Gingko B/700 by Andreea Braescu


The Romanian interior artist Andreea Braescu individually sculpts each porcelain ginkgo leaf and petal, then clusters the foliage into a one-of-a-kind glowing garland installation. This spectacular handcrafted porcelain lighting sculpture breathes life and serenity into every environment. It creates an intimate light and warm, natural atmosphere that sits harmoniously within its architectural environment, while reflecting the vision of the architects and interior designers involved.


Dezign Lover Blog | Best Selection of Wondrous Lighting Inspired by Nature

 (c) andreeabraescu.com



Murano Due Ether S Ceiling Lamp


The glass droplets form a shimmering cascade on this amazing, rain drop like, chandelier. If you want to see water droplets falling down from your ceiling, then this special creation is just suitable for the purpose. You will find this lamp in the shape of various hanging droplets that are made of blown glass. Its ceiling base makes the simple LEDs create magic in your room. This graceful and utterly refined Murano glass chandelier makes a grand statement wherever it is placed, and will add a beautiful and very refined touch to any interior setting.


Dezign Lover Blog | Best Selection of Wondrous Lighting Inspired by Nature

(c) ihis.info



Nuvola pendant lamp


Suspended life-like cloud made of special fireproof fabric. This large cloud, illuminated from the inside, softly undulates (resembling a real cloud) powered by two mechanical arms and an internal motor. Nuvola pendant lamp proves that you can easily add a new, timeless and modern touch to a classic design. This nature-Inspired lighting design to will glow your home with positive energy



(c) Dezignlover.com



Moooi's Heracleum Light


Heracleum lamps are these iconic modern lighting with delicate stainless steel branches, such as many fireflies shining stars, and make people feel pleasantly surprised. Heracleum lamps convey more an inspiration, a special design style that matches the designer’s personality. Beautiful and romantic, Moooi Heracleum are very diverse in shape and size.


Dezign Lover Blog | Best Selection of Wondrous Lighting Inspired by Nature

 Moooi Heracleum The Big O LED Chandelier - DezignLover.com


Marset Discoco Pendant Light


The Discocó pendant light by Marset is a wonderful, decorative light made of white opaque discs. The lamp creates a pleasant ambient light and spreads a mysterious but elegant atmosphere. Its shaping and trendiness makes this light amazingly innovative.


Dezign Lover Blog | Best Selection of Wondrous Lighting Inspired by Nature

(c) lampefeber.com



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