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Design Hotels : Top 5 of breathtaking hotel pools of the world!

On : mardi, décembre 20, 2016

Design Hotels : Top 5 of breathtaking hotel pools of the world!

A swimming pool design is the ideal choice for a contemporary home. When design and aesthetics intermingle, the pools become works of art, especially those of the big hotels in the world.

Dezignlover.com, the online store of the most beautiful design items, has concocted for you a selection of hotel pools in the world, breathtaking! Paradisiac landscapes, turquoise water, dream destinations, but especially pools to take your breath ... This selection will make you travel! Evasion guaranteed with Dezignlover.com! And why not, this selection of swimming pools, you can adapt it to your home in order to highlight your garden design.

The hotels compete with originality to offer travelers breathtaking pools by design, sight or functionality. These paradisiacal establishments will make you enjoy swimming pools of exception, in a total change of scenery!


5- Vila Ventura Resort, à Viamao Brésil

Vila Ventura Resort, à Viamao Brésil _ Top 5 DezignLover.com

Founded in 2003, Vila Ventura Resort is the ideal place for all occasions, located just 25 minutes from downtown Porto Alegre, Brazil. Strongly linked to environmental issues, Vila Ventura Resort develops conservation activities with universities, zoos, and other institutions, which shows that a successful business can be environmentally sustainable. Tourists can swim in a pool in a cave in this beautiful hotel.

4- Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Bahamas


The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is the most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas, with 11 unique pools, the largest Caribbean casino, more than 21 restaurants, 19 bars ... Swimming alongside sharks is one of the eccentricities in this selection of impressive hotel pools. Indeed, at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, you climb from the top of a pyramid, your slide crosses the pool of ... sharks!


3- Cambrian Hôtel, Suisse

 Cambrian Hôtel, Suisse - Top 5 DezignLover.com

Located in an immaculate landscape in the heart of the Swiss Alps, with an unrestricted panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, the Cambrian is the ideal refuge dreamed of by all the people in the world, stressed and chained to their office. The pool water is at 33 ° C, and the view is … wonderful!!!


2- Le Marina Bay Sands, Singapour

Le Marina Bay Sands, Singapour

The Marina Bay Sands pool is the highest infinity pool in the world. Opened in 2010, it is located on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. It rises 191 meters above the ground and measures 146 meters in length. This extraordinary infinity pool offers the sensation of swimming in the sky, above the buildings of the city. It seems to pour into the city ...


1- San Alfonso del Mar, Chili

San Alfonso del Mar, Chili - Top 5 Hotels DezignLover.com

The Algarrobo pool is located in the San Alfonso Del Mar complex in Algarrobo, Chile. Inaugurated in 2006, this pool of all records has a total area of ​​7.7 hectares, offers many water activities. Also located about a hundred meters from the Pacific Ocean, this pool is the world's largest swimming pool with a length of one kilometer, with a capacity of nearly 240 million liters of water. The water in this vertiginous swimming pool is renewed at a rate of 800,000 liters per day, filtered and purified, and an annual maintenance cost that would be close to $ 4 million! It is also possible to sail in this gigantic pool! Due to its disproportionate proportions, holidaymakers can practice nautical activities: sailing, canoeing, water skiing ...

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